Congratulations to Judge Bruce Iwasaki

Congratulations to Judge Bruce Iwasaki who was appointed to a judgeship in the Los Angeles County Superior Court by Governor Jerry Brown on May 18. He is a former board member of the Japanese American Bar Association.

The photo below is from The Rafu Shimpo, taken by Mario Reyes. The very proud-looking woman to the right of Judge Iwasaki is his mother Sumi, who happens to be a long-time volunteer at JANM! To his left is his wife, Evelyn Yoshimura, a long-time staff member at the Little Tokyo Service Center. Both Bruce and Evelyn were part of the collective that produced Gidra magazine which was featured in our Drawing the Line: Japanese American Art, Design & Activisim in Post-War Los Angeles last year.

Also in the picture are his daughter Naomi and son-in-law Casey Eiseman.

Read about his appointment on The Rafu Shimpo website >>


Vicky Murakami-Tsuda

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2 thoughts to “Congratulations to Judge Bruce Iwasaki”

  1. Dear Judge Iwasaki, My name is Joyce Donna White and you heard my case number 18LBR000960 yesterday, June 21st. in your Court against my neighbor, Janet Price. I was filing for a Restraining Order against her for a racial slur of the N word she used twice against me on Tuesday, May 8th. I did not have an opportunity to say THANK YOU in the very professional manner you handled the case. Bottom Line, even though I was not granted the R. O. you reprimanded her in such a way that I know she will never say that word again to a person of color, at least not to their face like she did me! I no longer have to deal with her as she is in the process of moving and cannot stand the humiliation of living here amongst the many neighbors who have wanted her out of here even prior to MY moving in next to her 6 months ago today. I will try to obtain a copy of the transcript of the hearing once I find out who your Court Reporter was? What you said to her was a beautiful thing and I will keep it in remembrance of your making a BAD Incident Good for me. Many Thanks to you, Your Honor.

  2. He should step down because he has demonstrated that he is too old to have the patience that’s needed for family law. No manners and unethical. If anyone does research regarding this judge, they will see how he no decorum or respect for the law.

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