Ben Sakoguchi show in Culver City

Just wanted to spread the word that Ben Sakoguchi has a show up at Cardwell Jimmerson Gallery in Culver City until April 21 (ends next week!) I finally got over to see it yesterday and want everyone to go see his complete “Postcards from Camp” series. The paintings from this series was my first introduction to Sakoguchi’s work and this is the first and probably the last time it will be shown publicly in its entirety for awhile. It was purchased by a private collector (who hopefully, someday will donate it to the Museum?)

Ben Sakoguchi was one of the artists in “Drawing the Line” (he’s interviewed on our DVD). Go gaze with awe at his paintings and then come to the Museum Store to buy one of his prints!

The gallery is at 8568 Washington Bl. at Cattaraugus.

Maria Kwong

Maria Kwong is the Director of Retail Enterprises at the Japanese American National Museum.

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